GENERATEMMXX deals with current trends in art that are determined by the interdisciplinary use of electronic media or the application of digital technologies. GENERATEMMXX is interested in the mutual relations between art, science and technology against their socio-political background. Special attention is paid to conceptual works that are dedicated to the reflection on generative processes of creation, their conditions and respective algorithmically controlled outputs.

GENERATEMMXX as an overarching programmatic title implies both artistic-technical development processes and the individual question of the possibilities of becoming creatively active. The aim is to create a creative and critical framework for discourse on the aesthetic, socio-political and economic conditions and effects of media and information technologies in the 21st century. GENERATEMMXX thus seeks to explore and design ways and forms of aesthetic practice that promote and enable a critical and self-determined participation in these developments.

Shedhalle Arts Association

Shedhalle Tübingen has been creating a forum for contemporary art in the Shedhalle of the former slaughterhouse since 2001. Since then, with regional, national and international participation of artists, the Shedhalle Tübingen has been realizing exhibitions as well as artist residencies, art festivals, concerts, workshops and experimental events and networking with the local art scene. Since February 2016, the Shedhalle has been made available for the temporary accommodation of refugees, which in the meantime has given us the opportunity to find and use new changing locations in the city and surrounding area for our respective exhibitions and events. The new guests were included as artists in residence in the ongoing or specially initiated projects. At the end of June 2017, our Kunstverein began a partial reoccupation of the Shedhalle. At the end of 2018, the space must again be vacated for temporary external use for the next three to four years, although the Kunstverein will remain on the Schlachthof grounds for future exhibition programs. An overview of the past and current program can be found at shedhalle.de


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