The Sound of Matter & The Matter of Sound

  • performative-soundinstallation


Rudi Punzo designs kinetic-interactive assemblages that are transformed into a multi-sensory experience by combining sculpture, sound, projection and performance. Discarded materials and recycled objects are brought to life and saved from oblivion by renewable energies, especially solar energy in a never-ending work in progress begun over twenty years ago. The sculptural elements are constantly transformed and expanded through interaction, through their own kinetic energy and through amplification and sampling of the sounds produced by these elements. As if through a photovoltaic-controlled, analog synthesizer, the white noise of the happily released electrons is visually and acoustically experienced in unpredictable and unrepeatable moments. This hybridization of art, nature and technology creates a new kind of symphonies of free form, in which every element, the light and the conducting hands of the artist contribute to the hypnotic alchemy of these wondrous visual-acoustic compositions and merge with each other.

    Where to see:

  • Sunday



    Art Museum Reutlingen

    Kunst­mu­se­um Reut­lin­gen | konkret
    Eber­hard­stra­ße 14 (Wandel-​​Hal­len)
    72764 Reut­lin­gen

    Registration & Entry

    Entry fee: 10 €
    Registration period: 08.11.–14.11.2020
    Registration for the individual events of the festival please via:

    Admission to the Kunstmuseum: 30 min before the event begins.