Chanson Animale

  • Concrete Pop Performance


For her forthcoming fourth album, entitled CHANSON ANIMALE, Perrine en morceaux was enthusiastic about birdsong. Based on her own recordings as well as recordings by the French ornithologist Fernand Deroussen, she composes in close collaboration with birds. The formulation is to be taken literally, because it implies that in her creative process human music is changed and influenced by animal music and not vice versa. Far too often bird songs are used as anecdotal ornaments, atmospheric sounds or pure raw material that is sampled and transformed. In their approach, bird songs are celebrated and heard for what they are: Music in the strongest sense, unique and unbound. A constant in the live sets of Perrine en morceaux is the always new way of reconciling the experimental with the popular. For this set she changes her technical equipment and explores the possibilities of the analog synthesizer ARP Odyssey.

    Where to see:

  • Saturday



    Art Museum Reutlingen

    Kunst­mu­se­um Reut­lin­gen | konkret
    Eber­hard­stra­ße 14 (Wandel-​​Hal­len)
    72764 Reut­lin­gen

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    Registration period: 19.03.–26.03.2021
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